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  • LexiMed Medicolegal Consultants - The Defining Opinion

    LexiMed is one of Australasia’s premier medicolegal reporting companies, with a proven track record in providing robust, objective and timely medicolegal opinions. We serve a diverse range of clients, including governments, insurers, superannuation funds and major corporations.

    All of our medical specialists are leaders in their fields of practice, guaranteeing you medicolegal reports that are accurate, thorough, and able to stand up to scrutiny in court.

  • Expert opinion from expert witnesses

    When a LexiMed medicolegal report arrives on your desk, you can rest easy knowing you have sourced credible, accurate and compelling medical opinion.

    Our medical specialists are all leaders in their respective fields and draw on decades of clinical experience when assessing patients and providing expert opinion.

    In addition to their professional expertise, our medical specialists have been selected for their ability to communicate respectfully and effectively with patients.

  • Why choose us

    Patients assessed for LexiMed medicolegal reports are treated with dignity and courtesy at all times. Anyone who arrives at LexiMed for an assessment will be greeted personally by their assigned medical specialist. The patient’s entire medical history will be obtained face-to-face, ensuring a thorough and accurate medicolegal opinion.

  • Client services

    Exceptional customer service will be the hallmark of your LexiMed experience. We pride ourselves on treating our clients – and every patient they refer to us – with respect and care. We also guarantee prompt delivery of reports.

    Need advice on how to navigate a complex medicolegal case? Trust our experience. One of our skilled medicolegal consultants will always be available to advise you on the best way forward.

  • We are here to help

    Do you have a complicated case requiring opinion from several expert witnesses? Our administration team can co-ordinate appointments with multiple medical specialists to ensure the patient has to make only one trip to LexiMed to be assessed.

    Our network of offices and flexible timetabling also allow us to respond to short-notice medicolegal deadlines at both metropolitan and regional locations.

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  • Expert Opinions
    LexiMed consultants are leaders in their respective fields.
  • The Defining Opinion
    We provide comprehensive, considered, objective reports.
  • Why choose us?
    We guarantee you medicolegal reports from our leading consultants that are accurate and thorough.
  • We are here to help
    LexiMed is committed to making a difference, we invest the time.