Neurosurgeon Brisbane Appointments

We are delighted to re-introduce Dr Martin Wood, Neurosurgeon as a member of the LexiMed Medical Consulting Team, who has immediate available appointments in Brisbane.

Dr Martin Wood completed his undergraduate training at Aberdeen University in Scotland.  He undertook advanced training in Neurosurgery at The Royal Children’s Hospital and St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, and The Princess Alexandra Hospital and The Mater Children’s Hospital in Brisbane followed by post fellowship training in skull base surgery and hydrocephalus at the Cambridge University Academic Neurosurgery Unit and in paediatric neurosurgery at Hôpital Necker Enfants-Malades in Paris.

Dr Wood is actively involved in medical research and has presented nationally and internationally at scientific meetings and is an author and coauthor of many medical research papers.

Dr Wood is recognised as an objective, unbiased, and balanced medicolegal reporter.

Dr Martin Wood has appointments available in Brisbane on Thursday 7 December  2023

If you are in need of a  Brisbane appointment with Dr Woood, please contact us to discuss further on 1300 568 543.

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