Upcoming Conferences Proudly Sponsored by LexiMed

LexiMed is proud to announce we are this years major sponsor for the North Queensland Injury Prevention and Return to Work Conference 2020.
This conference is among one of the best in Queensland, bringing together work health and safety, return to work and rehabilitation professionals over an exciting and educational two days. Featuring 11 new high-profile speakers and practical masterclasses that will help expand your knowledge and skills that you require to thrive in your roles.

  • 07 August 2020

    Unravelling the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Enigma

    Complex regional pain syndrome type 1 remains a condition crying out for an organic etiology. The current reviews remain more theoretical than concrete. Because… Read More
  • 27 July 2020

    Surgical Management of Low Back Pain

    Spinal fusion surgery for lumbar non-specific low back pain is controversial, particularly because the origin of the pain is undetermined and imaging of the… Read More
  • 17 July 2020

    Lumbar Spine Surgery

    Lumbar spine surgery (fusion, disc replacement or decompression) is common, yet indications are unclear and outcomes, particularity in a workers compensation setting, are not… Read More
  • 09 July 2020

    Psychiatric Disorders

    When considering an Independent Medical Examination, psychiatric problems may be considered as a stand alone issue for a claimant.¬† Increasingly psychiatric problems are also… Read More


18 July 2016

What does it mean?

In this¬†article we go through a series of terms you may hear in your dealings with a medicolegal specialist. Terminology and Tests Aggravation An…

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